“To help enhance the quality of life of the Filipinos, by bringing world-class products to them at the most reasonable prices, backed up by quality after-sales services, for the customers’ total satisfaction.”

Such is the corporate vision of COLLINS INTERNATIONAL TRADING CORPORATION, a marketing distribution company of consumer durable products established in August 1980.


Collins started as a business machine division of its retail parent company, Automatic Centre, the Philippines’ oldest and one of the largest appliance chain stores since 1948. With only 5 people, the business machine division began to sell SHARP calculators in 1979. With the success of its Sharp sales operations, it was then spin off in 1980 to become Collins International Trading Corporation, the distribution company.

Since the beginning, COLLINS has endeavoured to make each of the products it carries, from virtually unknown brands to becoming household names, through a Total Marketing Approach.

For the past 33 years, COLLINS has achieved a steady growth of sales, product line, marketing activities and manpower.

Using the Total Marketing Approach, the dynamic and highly creative product management teams of COLLINS, have successfully introduced and developed the following world class products.


SHARP Calculators Japan
MOULINEX Small Household Appliances France
KRUPS Small Household Appliances Germany
THERMOS Food & Beverage Flasks, Coolers, Cookware USA
OMRON Healthcare Products Japan
DOWELL Household Appliances Philippines
IREST Massage Chairs USA
EGLO Lifestyle Lamps & Lights Austria

In 1994, the Cebu branch was put up to strengthen our distribution activities in Cebu, which is the thriving city next to Metro Manila, and also in the Visayas Region.

Living up to its commitment of providing quality after-sales service which defines COLLINS’ ultimate marketing objective- the customers’ total satisfaction, COLLINS established a service company under the name Advanced Electronics Service Corporation in 1983. At present, it has 8 branches managed by technicians, well-trained here and abroad.

Having been a distributor of international brands of small domestic appliances for a decade, COLLINS decided to embark on its own house brand DOWELL - going into strong product categories of domestic home appliances like the electric fans, gas stoves and rice cookers. The brand DOWELL was thus created by COLLINS in 1998. Dowell came from two shorter words “DO” and “WELL.” The brand concept is “consumers will always be DOING their household chores WELL and feeling good and satisfied if it’s a DOWELL appliance being used.”


Each Product carried by COLLINS passes through a careful process of study, testing and evaluation before it is launched and marketed.

The Brand Business Unit Management Group of COLLINS, headed by a Business Unit Manager, ensures that each brand is given all the support needed to develop its products towards a market position of strength and leadership. The Brand Business Unit Management Groups effectively promote them through aggressive advertising, sales promotion activities and public relations efforts.

They are tasked with creating a consistent and strong favourable image for the brands. These business units also conduct periodic analysis of their products, their market position, the market trends, the competition among others, which form the parameters for formulating further strategies for continuous sales growth.


As the exclusive distributor of these world-class brands, COLLINS markets them through an extensive nationwide network of dealers – in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. At present, the network is comprised of more than 1000 outlets in Metro Manila and in the key provincial areas.

This wide distribution network, however, has not stopped the sales force from continuously working and improving the valuable business partnership with the dealers on a long term basis.


Behind the success of COLLINS is a dynamic workforce characterized simply as men and women with the mind to imagine, the skill to do and the will to achieve.

COLLINS considers its people as the most valuable asset, training the people within the organization to work together harmoniously as one family for the realization of the corporate objectives.

Professional yet paternalistic is its management style- a perfect blend of the west and the east. Sharing of common beliefs and values within a distinctive corporate culture bonds the employees who are proud and happy to be part of the COLLINS family.

Over the years, COLLINS has indeed earned the respect of its suppliers, bankers, creditors and business associates in the industry.

Today, the company stands strong as one of the key players in the consumer durable industry. It promises to bring in more innovative products to the Philippines. And as part of its commitment to all its brands, COLLINS shall continue to work hard to make them all “leaders in the market”.

A continuing story of GROWTH, STABILITY, and LEADERSHIP, COLLINS INTERNATIONAL TRADING CORPORATION aims high and looks forward to more successful years to come, serving the growing demands of the market in order to help enhance the quality of the life of Filipinos.

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