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Sharp Calculator is developed and manufactured in Japan which guaranteed its users of a high-class standard computing experience and results. For more than thirty years now, SHARP Calculators has been a reliable partner of both schools and businesses in the field of mathematics. Its quality, durability, performance, style and after-sales services made the brand as the most trusted calculator in the Philippines.

Sharp pioneers in the calculator technology, from the original electronic desktop calculator to the first solar powered. This is why our calculators have every possible function for your business, scientific and educational needs.

Since the introduction of the first electronic desktop calculator, SHARP has led the way in the field of calculator technology. A history of superior engineering, advanced functions, and innovative technologies has made SHARP calculators and organizers the choice in all fields, the world over. Choose from our wide array of Basic/Semi Desktop, Printing, Scientific, and Graphing and Financial models.

Sharp Calculator is exclusively distributed by Collins International Trading Corporation since 1979.